The Coach's Guide to Asset-Based ThinkingThe Coach’s Guide To Asset-Based Thinking And Appreciative Coaching

Authored by Dr. Kathy Cramer Ph.D., Peggy Guest, Ph.D., Sara Orem, Ph.D., Hank Wasiak

Coaches help people bring their performance to a higher level of excellence and their life satisfaction to a greater fullness. When coaches you use this manual with their clients, they find that they too are transformed by the experience of increased facility. This very special coaching experience cascades to other parts of life for two reasons: ABT is contagious and Appreciative Coaching becomes an intuitive way of being curious in the world. The more clearly people see their own assets and talents, and the assets and talents of the people and situations in their lives, the more people attract others to see their worlds with similar curiosity, optimism and hope.

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Change The Way You See Innovation

Change The Way You See Innovation: Through Asset-Based Thinking (Volume 1)
Kathy Cramer Ph.D. (Author), Hank Wasiak (Author), Eve Enslow (Author), Michael Foster (Author)

Innovation. It is perhaps one of the most valuable and desired attributes that companies aspire to have. Innovation propels businesses ahead and innovative people are in high demand. Working with The Cramer Institute, Eve Enslow and Michael Foster have unlocked the power of ABT to bring a new and exciting approach to innovation. There are three things that make this Innovation program different and better than others.

It is based on the proven power of  ABT.
The Ideator’s Adventure deliver an engaging and emotional experience.
It is personal and person centric.

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Change The Way You See Everything - Vook

Introducing the video app version of the best-selling book: Change the Way You See Everything. Download this brilliantly simple and engaging iPad app now, and learn the philosophy and practice of Asset-Based Thinking. Asset-Based Thinking instills success-oriented habits in even the most die-hard cynic. Its transformational lessons–conveyed through clever video, unique photographic metaphors, inspiring stories from real people–reveal how the slightest shift in perception can lead to monumental results in both business and in life.

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Staying on Top When Your World Turns Upside-Down

Leaders and managers at all levels are faced with challenges that often seem insurmountable. The uncertainty and ripple effects of today’s economic crisis creates an extra layer of intense pressure that makes advancing your goals, enrolling others, and maintaining momentum more challenging than ever.

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$199 for the 4-session podcast, $249 to include a copy of Change the Way You See Everything and Change the Way You See Yourself.  For more information or to purchase, contact Colleen Moore at