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Asset-Based Thinking™ (ABT) is a revolutionary and refreshingly simple mindset management process proven to promote greater resilience, optimism and confidence. Dr. Kathy Cramer’s ABT books, training, coaching, consulting, and products (“positivity apps”) change the way people think, speak, act and relate. With ABT, individuals and groups of people are able to consistently shift their habits of their minds towards what’s working and what’s possible in every conversation, interaction and circumstance.  Together, we’ll ignite more positive thoughts, positive actions, and drive positive change in the world.

Mission. Why does this ABT Minds On Fire Project exist?

Clearly, in these times of rapid change, stress and uncertainty, ABT is needed more than ever. The ABT Minds on Fire Project establishes clear processes and growth forums for the ABT Global Movement.

Mission Statement:  The ABT Minds on Fire Project inspires a community of people world-wide to be more optimistic, resilient, and confident.  It trains a network of leaders and coaches in how to ignite purpose, passion and commitment in those they lead and serve.

To gain special status/designation as an ABT Ambassador for the global movement, share one ABT Story online and then send your request to Kathy Cramer, Ph.D. at kcramer@cramerinstitute.com and share how you’ll promote more ABT in the world! We’ll send you screen savers, logos, and Minds on Fire apps.