LEAD POSITIVE Leadership Workshop

Now there is a way for leaders at all levels to develop their own unwavering optimism, personal magnetism, and unshakeable sense of self-confidence to make remarkable results happen.  LEAD POSITIVE is an internal development process that zeros in on transforming what the leader sees, says, and does.  In short, this approach helps leaders to shift internally so they can excel externally.

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Magnify Your Business Best with ABT Essentials

Great business results begin with great people. Imagine lifting yourself out of the cult of the average with ABT principles and practices.

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Creating A Passionate Workforce

This ABT program provides you with straightforward, tangible ways to propel individual assets and positive energy –“worker passion”– no matter what the natural level of optimism or pessimism might be.

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Ready for What’s Next

No matter when your next phase may start or what it may be, you can renew and reinvent your life if you are willing to give yourself the gift of reflection, discovery and inspired action. That’s the promise of “Ready For What’s Next.”

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Level I: Power and Presence

This dynamic and intensive workshop/coaching experience provides business leaders and professionals with the feedback, skill-building and practice necessary to take presentations to the next level of effectiveness.

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Level II: Communicating with Power, Influence, and Impact

This one-and-a half day experiential program is the sequel to our popular Power and Presence workshop.  It builds on the skills learned in P&P and provides a detailed focus on using your personal strengths, crafting a memorable presentation, and telling stories that “stick” and inspire your audience.

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Courageous Conversations

Courageous Conversations is a clearly defined, easy-to-learn, 5-step methodology that facilitates open, honest and authentic communication about issues, thoughts and feelings that are difficult or challenging to address. Courageous Conversations is a skill set that prevents conflict and builds collaboration among colleagues, within teams and throughout organizations. By building highly collaborative interpersonal communication skills, Courageous Conversations raises the emotional intelligence of each culture strengthening it from the inside, out.

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Individual 360 Feedback Assessment

We recommend launching a coaching relationship with a unique and personalized 360 feedback process. We begin this process by confidentially interviewing key stakeholders of the executive. These interviews generate themes and patterns that represent how the executive excels and adds value; gaps or areas that need development are also uncovered. We take what we call an asset-based approach to the interviewing process: we are more intent on discovering what is working and helping the executive to accelerate those areas, in addition to identifying what needs development or changing. We synthesize the discovered themes and patterns into a final report that is provided to the executive and used to create a relevant development plan.

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