Dr. Kathy CramerKathryn D. Cramer, Ph.D.

Known among colleagues and clients for her boundless creative energy at The Cramer Institute, Kathy Cramer is passionate about possibilities and potential. She believes in big thinking, the power of presence, concocting new ideas, and never cooking the same meal twice.  She created and has dedicated her life to Asset-Based Thinking™ (ABT)  – a way of looking at the world that helps leaders, influencers, and their teams refocus and make small shifts in thinking that produce extraordinary impact.   That impact has been experienced firsthand by clients such as DuPont, Prudential Real Estate, Starbucks, Microsoft, and others.

Dr. Cramer has written seven bestselling books including Change the Way You See Everything, which started the ABT Global Movement. She also won an Emmy, and was twice featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, the highest rated talk show in American television history.  She delights in laughter the great elixir, is inspired by heroic stories of people overcoming adversity and “turning it on its ear,” and is on a noble quest to add the term “Asset-Based Thinking” to next year’s edition of Merriam Webster’s dictionary. Kathy is a psychologist and a dedicated, founding member of the ABT Global “Minds on Fire” Movement.

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Colleen Moore
Director of Operations
The Cramer Institute

Colleen Moore, nicknamed “command and control central” by her colleagues, is the Director of Operations at The Cramer Institute. With 14 years experience working with TCI clients and an MBA in Human Resource Management, Colleen believes that life should be fun, that people need to surround themselves with other people that make them happy, and that it is healthy to cry during a Hallmark commercial. Colleen works hand-in-hand with all of the TCI partners to ensure all client needs are met – and exceeded—from day to day. Known as a client’s best friend, Colleen is particularly inspired by watching others who are adventurous and visionary, who are not afraid to take chances, and who go where life takes them.  When she is not supporting client work at The Cramer Institute, Colleen may be found running her kids to school and practices, scrapbooking with friends, reading the latest fiction best-seller, or planning her next beach vacation getaway.



John S. Davis
Senior Consultant
The Cramer Institute

Inspiration comes easy to John Davis, Senior Consultant at The Cramer Institute. Whether he is in the middle of a sunset-gilded lake, a rousing performance, or one of his Power and Presence workshops, this music lover finds a slice of inspiration just about everywhere. He is most inspired when he witnesses his clients “show up” from the heart, transcend pre-imposed limitations, and discover exactly what they are capable of.

With over 30 years of organizational development and management experience in the United States, Asia and Europe, John’s specialty is working with individuals and leadership teams inside corporations such as Monsanto, Nestle Purina, and Peabody. Using Asset-Based Thinking™ (ABT), he moves his clients to heightened levels of performance, particularly during times of great organizational change.  John’s executive coaching revolves around client self-awareness, communication, influence, team building, conflict resolution, and bringing big ideas to life. While John’s official mission is “facilitating extraordinary leadership in individuals, teams and organizations,” it all boils down helping clients discover new possibilities for their leadership which enables inspiration for themselves and others.

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DubinJudy Dubin, MA
The Cramer Institute

Like Michelangelo who worked with stone to release the potential from within, Judy Dubin, long time colleague and partner of Kathy Cramer, reflects the same intention when she works with individuals – helping to release their potential by shining a light on their strengths, talents and goals. With The Cramer Institute since 1995, Judy was involved with the development of Asset-Based Thinking™ (ABT), and has played a key role in developing a number of TCI signature programs including Courageous Conversations, and the Asset-Based Leadership Forum, in addition to infusing TCI’s executive coaching with asset-based approaches. Judy specializes in work with high functioning leadership teams that aspire to higher levels of performance in organizations such as Monsanto, Peabody Energy, Maritz, TALX, the Federal Reserve Bank, and leaders in educational institutions. Using the tenets of Asset-Based Thinking™, Judy’s sweet spot is coaching leaders and then working with their leadership teams to unleash their potential. A lifelong learner, Judy has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, is inspired by people who create and make amazing things happen in their lives, and holds people in high esteem who tell the truth with integrity.

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Peggy Guest, Ph.D.
Lead of the Coaching Practice
The Cramer Institute

A self-proclaimed “mountain woman” born and raised in Colorado, it is fitting that Dr. Peggy Guest is the Lead of the Coaching Practice at The Cramer Institute. A lover of all things limitless – the outdoors, the mountain air, and big thinking, Dr. Guest specializes in executive coaching and leadership development for individuals at companies such as Peabody Energy, Monsanto Company, Maritz and Nestle Purina. Using Asset-Based Thinking™ (ABT), she coaches high value executives who aspire to use their talents to achieve their dreams, and at the same time become more effective leaders and stakeholders in their companies. A long-time practicing psychologist and professor of Women’s Studies at Washington University, Dr. Guest believes in the ability of people to continually transform themselves, their companies, their neighborhoods, and their communities for the better. This passion and contagious spirit overflows over the walls of The Cramer Institute into her volunteer work for organizations that provide education and empowerment such as the YWCA and the Boys and Girls Club of Missouri. Whether she is skiing down Copper Mountain, or training others to conquer their own mountains, Dr. Peggy Guest takes the front range and never looks back.

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